Hatfield Lioness Scholarship 2024 | Application Process

Hatfield Lioness Scholarship 2024 | Application Process

Hatfield Lioness Scholarship: Empowering Women Leaders

Are you a woman seeking to pursue a master’s degree in the UK? The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship offers a life-changing opportunity for exceptional female students from around the world. Let’s explore the details of this prestigious scholarship and how you can apply.

Empowering Women Leaders:

Fostering Global Leadership and Impact

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship not only provides financial support but also nurtures a community of empowered women leaders committed to making a difference in their respective fields and communities. Here’s how the scholarship fosters global leadership and impact:

1. Academic Excellence:

The scholarship seeks candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence in their previous studies. By investing in the education of exceptional individuals, the scholarship program aims to cultivate a cohort of scholars who excel academically and contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation.

2. Leadership Potential:

Beyond academic achievements, the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship values leadership potential. Scholars are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and community service initiatives that demonstrate their capacity to lead and inspire others. Through mentorship and networking opportunities, scholars develop the skills and confidence to become effective leaders in their fields.

3. Social Impact:

Central to the mission of the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship is the commitment to social impact and community engagement. Scholars are encouraged to leverage their education and expertise to address pressing social challenges and contribute to sustainable development in their home countries. Whether through research projects, advocacy campaigns, or grassroots initiatives, scholars are empowered to create positive change and improve the lives of others.

4. Networking and Collaboration:

As part of the scholarship community, recipients have access to a vast network of alumni, faculty members, and industry professionals. Through networking events, workshops, and seminars, scholars have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that have the potential to drive meaningful change on a global scale.

5. Mentorship and Support:

Scholars receive personalized mentorship and support throughout their academic journey. From dedicated faculty advisors to peer mentors, scholars benefit from guidance and encouragement that helps them navigate the challenges of graduate studies and pursue their goals with confidence. This mentorship extends beyond the academic realm, encompassing personal development and career planning.

6. Advocacy and Empowerment:

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship advocates for gender equality and women’s empowerment in higher education and beyond. By supporting female scholars from diverse backgrounds, the scholarship program challenges stereotypes, breaks down barriers, and promotes inclusivity in academia and society. Through their achievements and contributions, scholars serve as role models and advocates for gender equity and social justice.


The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship is more than just a financial award; it is a catalyst for positive change and global impact. By investing in the education and empowerment of women leaders, the scholarship program creates a ripple effect that extends far beyond the confines of the university campus. Through academic excellence, leadership development, and social engagement, scholars are equipped to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges and build a brighter future for generations to come. Join the community of Hatfield Lionesses and embark on a journey of discovery, leadership, and impact.

The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship aims to empower women leaders who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. By providing full funding for master’s studies at Durham University, the scholarship enables women to pursue their educational aspirations and contribute to the advancement of society.

Comprehensive Coverage:

As a recipient of the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship, you will receive comprehensive coverage that includes:

  1. Stipend for Living Expenses: Receive 12 monthly payments to cover your living expenses, allowing you to focus on your studies without financial worries.
  2. Full Payment of Tuition Fees: Enjoy the privilege of having your university tuition fees fully covered, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your academic pursuits.
  3. Settling-in Allowance: Receive a “settling-in allowance” upon arrival in the UK, helping you adjust to your new environment and start your academic journey with confidence.
  4. Accommodation at Hatfield College: Benefit from fully funded, self-catered, mixed accommodation at Hatfield College, providing a supportive and inclusive community for your academic and personal growth.
  5. Return Air Ticket: Receive one return economy air ticket from your home country to the UK, as well as the cost of return travel between the UK airport and Durham City, facilitating your travel arrangements.
  6. UK Visa and Health Surcharge: The scholarship covers the cost of your UK visa and the UK Health surcharge, ensuring a smooth transition to studying in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence: Hold a relevant honors degree of sufficient standard to be admitted to your chosen master’s course.
  2. No Prior Master’s Degree: Applicants must not hold a master’s degree at the time of application.
  3. Financial Need: Demonstrate a lack of financial means to study for a master’s degree in the UK.
  4. Female Gender: The scholarship is exclusively for female applicants.
  5. Unconditional Offer: Have applied for and been offered an unconditional place on your chosen master’s program by the end of June 2024.
  6. English Language Proficiency: Meet the English language proficiency requirements for your chosen program.

Application Process:

To apply for the Hatfield Lioness Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Your Chosen Master’s Program: Submit an academic application for your chosen master’s program and indicate your intention to apply for the scholarship.
  2. Submit Scholarship Application: Complete the scholarship application form and upload the required documents, including transcripts, English language certificate, and reference letters.
  3. Outcome Notification: Candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application in mid-July 2024.


The Hatfield Lioness Scholarship is a testament to Durham University’s commitment to gender equality and academic excellence. By supporting talented women from diverse backgrounds, the scholarship fosters a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and leadership. Apply now and embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape your future and empower you to create positive change in the world.

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